I am Andrea.   A student of photography, self-taught.   This is my journey.

An answer to my souls cry to search out the hidden creativity within.  I yearn to evolve and discover.  To grow and transform.  Comments, technical advice, random opinions are all welcome and appreciated.

There is a sound, a ringing in my ears.  At times it feels far off, in the distance.  As it finally becomes audible, i realize it’s a scream, welling up from deep within.  And then it fades again.  The force behind it is scary, where did it come from?  How long has it been there?  Will I survive it’s release?  I look into a mirror, studying my face, my eyes.  Trying to see it, some gimpse, some clue.  But no.  a graceful, quiet woman with a haunting sparkle in her eye is all that is there…

All images here are copyrighted by Andrea Petralia/ PlayonFstops. Please ask permission before using: andreaphotography [at] live [dot] com, detailing what it is you’d like to use, where it will be used, and for what purpose.

Thank you.


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