Last year, when I started this blog, it was an attempt for forced accountability.  Every month just post the best photo I took during the month.

That failed miserably.  Did not make any time for shooting.

This year, (yes I know the year is half over) I am going to post the pictures I am taking as I am teaching myself how to shoot.  Just throw myself right out there in front of the train, so to speak.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to render an opinion.  The rules of engagement are as such:  please be honest, and always explain why.  I am open to all kinds of responses, so long as you can elaborate on why you feel the way you do.  The why puts your critique in a perspective that enables me to learn.

To say that a shot has poor composition, while that may be true, will be effective only if you can describe what would have given it better composition or why you feel the composition is poor, from your perspective.

I thank you in advance for your time and energy…


One comment on “Notes”

  1. 07/19/2011

    Another year, I am sacrificing my shooting time to work. Owning a business has its downsides. I am not unlike many of my friends that must work to support this habit that asks for so much in time, money and energy. I am hoping this month ends with me getting the light meter I have been waiting so long for. The baby shoot in June was fun, a new experience for me. I am still processing the photos even though I only do light processing. On to the next shoot…

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